Resilience, Innovation, And Finding Your Purpose

Gioel Molinari
2hr 3min
July 13, 2023
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"Successful businesses are not born out of forcing ideas, but rather by embracing the magic of opportunity."

Gioel Molinari is the Founder of Autostrada, a boutique automotive club and showroom in Westport, CT. He was previously the exiting Founder of ClariFi and President of Butterfly Network, a medical device company that is democratizing healthcare by making medical imaging as accessible as a stethoscope.

In this episode, David Salinas and Pete Sena sit down with Gioel to discuss various topics relating to entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and growing companies. Gioel shares his diverse journey, ranging from being a partner at Bridgewater, to starting from scratch while dealing with depression, to building one of the most innovative medical device companies in the world. Delve into the challenges Gioel faced when tasked with getting FDA clearance for a handheld ultrasound product and the lessons learned about the long cycle times and high costs associated with making hardware changes. Explore Gioel's belief in self-education and the value of practical skills over structured education. Gioel dives into the current state of the technology business, the importance of a motivated and gritty workforce, and the potential for other countries to surpass if they don't pick up their game. 

Key Moments

Resilience, Innovation, And Finding Your Purpose with Gioel Molinari

In our recent episode of Forward Obsessed, we dive into the remarkable story of Gioel Molinari, former partner at Bridgewater who overcame adversity, challenging startups, mental health challenges, and ultimately emerged as the successful president of Butterfly, one of the most innovative medical device companies in the world. Using instinct and guiding entrepreneurial principles, Gioel's unique approach to leadership and creativity has changed every industry he has worked in. In this interview, we gained insight into Gioel's unique perspectives on entrepreneurship, fund raising, management, and work-life balance.

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Gioel Molinari leads an enviable life - he is a self-titled barista at Autostrada, boutique automotive club and showroom in Westport, CT. He spends his days tinkering with rare vehicles, spending time with unique people, and happily making espressos with a towel over his shoulder.

Getting to this point was no accident, and Gioel's journey was not without its share of devastating setbacks. Gioel went through the tumultuous entrepreneurial journey of founding and selling a company, ClariFi (claiming that the company almost failed multiple times), before becoming a partner at Bridgewater, a renowned investment firm. When Gioel became a little too innovative for his peers, he found himself facing difficult circumstances that led to his dismissal. It was a tumultuous period that took a toll on his mental health. However, Gioel's resilience and determination proved to be his strongest attributes.

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Following the challenges at Bridgewater, Gioel turned his attention to the medical device industry. His vision was to build a company that would revolutionize the way medical devices were sold and accessed. This vision led to the inception of Butterfly, a company committed to making ultrasound technology affordable and readily available to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Gioel's innovative approach to democratizing medical devices has reshaped the industry. Butterfly's handheld ultrasound device, which combines advanced technology and user-friendly design, allows healthcare practitioners to conduct ultrasounds with simplicity and accuracy. By bypassing traditional distribution channels, Butterfly has created an e-commerce platform that enables easy access to their device for healthcare practitioners. This disruptive approach has not only transformed the industry but has also opened doors for improved patient care globally. The fact is, however, Gioel couldn't have done this alone - he used his skillset as a "social engineer" to hire some of the most extreme talents in the world.

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Throughout his journey, Gioel Molinari has challenged conventional wisdom regarding retirement and work-life balance. He rejects the notion of retiring and believes that individuals should continue to pursue meaningful work and make a positive impact on the world. For Gioel, work is not just about financial rewards but a way to engage in purposeful endeavors that contribute to society. His entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have allowed him to create opportunities that align with his passions and values.

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Gioel recognizes the importance of work-life balance but views it through a lens of personal fulfillment rather than strict separation. He advocates for integrated lifestyles that allow individuals to find joy and satisfaction in both their personal and professional lives. By embracing this approach, Gioel believes that individuals can truly excel and make significant contributions while maintaining a sense of happiness and contentment.

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Gioel Molinari's journey from adversity to success is a testament to the power of resilience and innovative thinking. His experience at Bridgewater and subsequent challenges allowed him to grow personally and professionally. Through Butterfly, Gioel's commitment to democratizing medical devices has transformed the industry, improving accessibility to vital healthcare tools. Moreover, his perspectives on retirement and work-life balance challenge traditional notions, encouraging individuals to pursue meaningful work that aligns with their passions. Gioel's story is an inspiration and a reminder that setbacks can be stepping stones to remarkable achievements.

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