Bootstrapping A Billion Dollar Company From A Dorm Room

// Austin McChord
CEO of Casana
1hr 11min
September 8, 2022
About the Show

"The world is what you make of it."

Austin McChord is the CEO of Casana, a healthcare technology start-up dedicated to improving the health and wellness of patients via at-home health monitoring. Austin was previously the founder and CEO of Datto incorporated, exited that company in a $1.5 Billion acquisition, and is the Founder of Norwalk Havoc Combat Robotics. 

In this episode, explore Austin’s incredible journey from getting terrible grades at Rochester Institute of Technology, to founding and exiting a company valued at $1.5 Billion. Learn about incrementally building a new company, what selling your business really feels like, why every interaction that a leader has is meaningful, and why having fun is always the most important goal.


  • Datto: https://www.datto.com/
  • Casana: https://casanacare.com/
  • Norwalk Havoc Robotics League: https://nhrl.io/
  • Outsiders Fund: https://outsidersfund.com/
  • Austin’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/austinmcchord

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