The Future of Combat Robotics

// Kelly Biderman
CEO of the Norwalk Havoc Robotics League
1hr 15min
June 16, 2022
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Dive into the gritty, fast-paced world of combat robotics

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Dive into the gritty, fast-paced world of combat robotics with Kelly Biderman, CEO of the Norwalk Havoc Robotics League.

Key Moments

Get an inside look on the world of combat robotics, a sport for which dedicated fans will travel hundreds of miles, or watch 13 hours of a livestream, to see hand-made robots fight… and possibly explode. In this interview, Kelly celebrates the incredibly talented builders, the dedicated and diverse fanbase, and describes what her hopes for the future of combat robotics looks like. 

 This episode dives into Kelly’s past in media, including being Chief of Staff to the CEO of Katie Couric Media, how she became interested in this niche sport, and why she fell in love with it. Kelly talks about  how her leadership style is helping this unique company expand their reach, why delegating to the experts is an important part of managing, what it means to be “Builder First,” and how she “Commits to the Pour” with everything she does. 

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