The Future of Inventing Products

// Chris Allen
Founder, CEO, Inventor
August 25, 2022
About the Show

Dive into the future of inventing new products

Chris Allen is the CEO of iCleanse, which is known for their  UV-C rapid disinfection devices that clean cell phones. He was previously the Founder and CEO of iDevices, which was acquired by Hubbell Incorporated in 2017. 

In this episode, dive into the difficult path of inventing a new product and taking it to a global market. Learn about how Chris Allen was able to get his new iGrill device into Apple retail stores, and what it was like to be a leader with no business background at the top of  a rapidly growing company.. Hear how Chris was able to get out of $1.4 million in debt, how he dealt with subversive leadership, and why he started a company that can clean any phone in 15 seconds with UV light. 



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