Building A Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

// Matt McCooe
1hr 16min
September 22, 2022
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"How can you know if your advice is even meaningful if you are just reading shit out of books?"

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Matt McCooe is the CEO of Connecticut Innovations, a strategic venture capital firm and leading source of financing for Connecticut's technology, consumer, and life sciences companies. 

Key Moments

In this episode, learn what it takes to get funded by one of the top VCs in Connecticut. Explore what breakthrough entrepreneurs all have in common, which heuristics are used by VCs when they choose a project, and whether delusions of grandeur are helpful when establishing a business. 


Here's the timestamps for the episode:

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (1:41) - What is a “state venture capital arm?”
  • (6:12) - What do breakthrough entrepreneurs have in common? 
  • (7:57) - What heuristics are used to fund new projects? 
  • (11:02) - Characteristics of exceptional founders
  • (14:00) - Cultivating clarity of vision and purpose
  • (15:45) - Jockey or Horse? 
  • (18:33) - Hustling in the early years
  • (22:22) - Selling Brazilian soft drinks in a first job
  • (27:14) - What does it feel like to lose? 
  • (28:47) - Founding a Telecom business at the end of the boom
  • (40:55) - Theranos and delusions of grandeur
  • (44:28) - Good Venture Capitalists can sense BS 
  • (50:00) - ADD is a superpower
  • (55:00) - Columbia University Science and Technology Ventures
  • (57:03) - What Is Connecticut Innovations
  • (1:04:15) - How successful is Connecticut Innovations?
  • (1:09:00) - The Future of Connecticut Innovations


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