Buying Weed From Women

Meg Sanders
1hr 2min
November 3, 2022
About the Show

"The drug war is not over. It's just been shellacked a bit and made prettier with a bow."

Meg Sanders is CEO of Canna Provisions, a chain of cannabis dispensaries in New England. She worked directly with the governor of Colorado to develop its cannabis laws, then personally led the charge by opening one of the state’s first dispensaries. Meg is now one of the biggest forces in the new Massachusetts cannabis cultivation and consumer sales fields. 

Tune in to explore the ups and downs of the Cannabis industry, the importance of compliance, and what it means to be an ‘accidental entrepreneur.’ In this episode you’ll learn about  what quiet quitting is, how companies should try to make better humans, and why everyone should buy weed from women.  Listen in to learn from Meg about why women must take a seat at the table, and how men can be better allies to their peers.

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