The Future Of Cannabis Beverages

Matt Melander
Founder, President, CEO of Levia
1hr 9min
February 9, 2023
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"it's a conscious choice every day. Am I going to be a stumbling block for others? Or am I going to do everything within my power and try to build that stepping stone to the future?

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Matt Melander was the Founder, President, and CFO at LEVIA, a cannabis beverage company that has become one of the largest brands in the cannabis edibles industry. After selling his company in 2022, Matt is now focusing on transforming the cannabis industry and developing innovative cannabinoid products.

Key Moments

In this episode, step into Matt’s past as he relates the inspirational story of his grandfather, who built a company that survived losing a third of their workforce in 9/11 and fought to support every family through the tragedy. Learn about the deep morals and values that Matt has used to guide his life, from the darkest times to building a cannabis company that has transformed the edibles industry. Hear from Matt on what effective altruism in leadership looks like, how to hold the course against persistent headwinds, and why getting acquired is not always the best path forward. 


  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (2:30) - Influences from my grandfather
  • (4:10) - Losing a third of a company in 9/11
  • (5:46) - What it means to treat a company like “family” 
  • (9:00) - Effective Altruism in leadership
  • (10:00) - Losing a sibling at a young age
  • (17:50) - Becoming An Entrepreneur
  • (21:00) - Entering The Cannabis Industry
  • (24:45) - Roadblocks to building a cannabis brand
  • (31:40) - Holding the course against headwinds
  • (37:00) - Building a brand during the pandemic
  • (39:00) - We were forced to change the name of our company
  • (42:00) - Changing lives with an alternative to alcohol
  • (47:48) - Getting wined and dined by billionaires for an acquisition
  • (50:00) - Going Through An Acquisition
  • (58:30) - Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs



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