Creative Science and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Ranjit Bindra
Cofounder, CEO, Researcher, and Professor
1hr 50min
March 23, 2023
About the Show

"Fundamentally, cancer is a solvable problem. We can cure this disease."

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Ranjit Bindra is a serial Biotech entrepreneur and Professor of Medicine at Yale University. He is Cofounder of Cybrexa, Alphina, and B3 Therapeutics, and is the Cofounder and CEO of Modifi Bio. 

Key Moments

Dive into the world of a “creative scientist” turned entrepreneur as Ranjit recounts his early years in an entrepreneurial household, developing a passion for science and biology, and finding his personal mission to fight cancer when his father died before he graduated from Med school. Learn about what it takes to make the perfect pitch deck, how to build a team with great chemistry, filtering toxic personalities from the workplace, and tips for time management. 


  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (2:30) - Early years
  • (4:55) - Having creative, entrepreneurial parents
  • (6:30) - What is a “creative scientist”? 
  • (10:45) - New questions unlock new possibilities 
  • (12:58) - Different scientists “personas”
  • (15:45) - The line between dedication and delusion
  • (21:45) - Playing in a band in college
  • (24:30) - My father died of cancer while I was learning about it 
  • (28:20) - How to join in the fight against cancer
  • (32:45) - Founding Helix with a pitch deck
  • (36:30) - The right way to approach entrepreneurship
  • (38:00) - What makes a winning pitch? 
  • (45:20) - What failure feels like
  • (48:30) - What is the chemistry of a great team? 
  • (51:30) - What is the formula for trust? 
  • (58:20) - Filtering for toxic personalities in the hiring process
  • (01:06:00) - Founding Cybrexa
  • (01:10:00) - Branding in science and biotech
  • (01:15:25) - Raising money in biotech
  • (01:21:00) - Signs of a healthy acquisition
  • (01:22:15) - Founding Alphina
  • (01:24:45) - Anti-aging technologies
  • (01:27:30) - Running a virtual company and Zoom Fatigue
  •  (01:38:15) - Learning to be a CEO for Modifi Bio 
  • (01:42:15) - Time management techniques


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