The Future Of Biotech

Kevin Rakin
Founder and Entrepreneur
1hr 8min
January 12, 2023
About the Show

"Good Leaders Have To Genuinely Care About Other People."

Kevin Rakin is the co-founder of HighCape Capital, a growth equity firm that finances and assists innovative life sciences companies transition from the initial stages of their business cycle into successful, thriving organizations. 

In this episode, we’ll take you through Kevin’s journey and how he founded multiple biotech companies and took them to IPO and acquisition.  

We’ll take a look at the exploding industry of Biotech  and its  fast-paced startup culture that clashes with the bureaucracy of some of the biggest businesses in the world. You’ll learn about topics like the difficulties of going through a merger, why buying a failing business could be a good investment, and how to attract the best talent to your team.

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