The Future of Data Storytelling

// Andy Greenawalt
Founder and CEO of Storyhub
1hr 13min
May 19, 2022
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Dive into the world of data analytic

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Join Pete and David as they dive into the world of data analytics with Andy Greenawalt, Founder and CEO of Storyhub.

Key Moments

In a world where every company claims to be data-driven, very few decisions are actually ever made using that data Andy has created a new way to decentralize and translate the complicated language of data analytics like no one else.

In this interview, learn about Andy's early successes, a happy accident that made one of his companies into a reality, and why having a truly bad day puts every other day into real context.

With Andy as your guide, wade through the murky waters of data analytics. Learn why most companies don't know how to use their data, the difficulties of data translation between "Spock" types and "Kirk" types, and why first movers in an industry can often fail.

Learn more about StoryHub at https://www.storyhub.ai/

A podcast that Andy Recommends:

A book Andy can't live without:
Trillion Dollar Coach by Bill Campbell

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