The Future of Inbound Marketing

// Bob Ruffolo
Founder and CEO of IMPACT
1hr 3min
July 14, 2022
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Dive into the rapidly growing world of Inbound Marketing

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Dive into the rapidly growing world of Inbound Marketing with Bob Ruffolo, Founder and CEO of IMPACT, a company focused on helping people find success with inbound marketing through education, events, and agency services. After building his first website in 7th grade, Bob realized he had a talent for web design and a knack for helping people with marketing their business.

Key Moments

Bob started as a freelance Web Designer, then transitioned to creating IMPACT from the ground up. Bob built IMPACT as an inbound marketing firm, but over time transitioned the company’s model into a coaching and consulting firm after partnering with Marcus Sheridan, Author of “They Ask You Answer” 

In this interview, listen to Bob’s cautionary tale about entrepreneurial partnerships, how to protect your interests when starting a business, and how honesty and transparency are the most important aspects of a healthy company culture. You’ll get an  inside look on the loneliness of leadership, gain a better understanding on why “empathy flows down” in a hierarchy, and learn how a leader must understand how power dynamics change as a business grows. 

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