The Future of Information Technology

// Ari Santiago
Founder and CEO of Compass MS
April 21, 2022
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Dive into the world of technology and entrepreneurship

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Join Pete and David as they dive into the world of technology and entrepreneurship with Founder and CEO of Compass MSP, Ari Santiago.

Key Moments

Ari’s story is truly inspirational, from his childhood days of when he started his first business selling bubble gum, to becoming paralyzed from the waist down at the age of 13 due to a skiing accident. The journey of overcoming adversity led to Ari’s passion in computers, which solidified the foundation of his career in information technology at the age of 14. 

Despite these setbacks, Ari’s entrepreneurial instincts and his unflappable spirit enabled him to build a multi-million dollar company that received a spot on Inc Magazine's list of fastest growing privately held companies in the US, as well as recognition from Marcum Tech as one of the Top 40 fastest growing technology companies in Connecticut.

Learn about how Ari was able to overcome the trauma of his accident, and turn a disability into an empowering cornerstone of his career. Ari also explains the number one secret to his success has been experimentation, experimentation, experimentation - and that taking the L.E.A.P could change the course of your career. 

Find out more about Compass MSP: https://compassmsp.com/


Books our guest swears by: 

Drive, by Daniel Pink

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