The Future of Tequila

// Kat Hantas
Founder and CEO of 21 Seeds
1hr 5min
April 7, 2022
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Dive into the world of infused tequila

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Join Pete and David as they dive into the world of infused tequila with Founder and CEO of 21 Seeds, Kat Hantas. Kat explains her entrepreneurial journey of working in the television and film industry, transitioning to becoming a full-time mother, then discovering a massive product opportunity in the tequila industry through her own life experiences.

Key Moments

Learn about Kat's journey & origin story of  founding 21 Seeds.  This conversation outlines Kat’s methods of observation and market research that allowed her to find an unserved demographic in the alcohol industry. She also shares her perspective on building a team and raising capital from a new idea, and how her ability to follow her instincts led to growth & overall success for the brand.

In this interview, listeners will learn about how to connect with a specific target audience demographic, how to use personal experiences and cultural observation to find customers by tapping into trends, and how becoming a CEO is not about gaining control of a company, but about letting that control go to a team you trust. 

Find a 21 Seeds product at a store near you: https://www.21seeds.com/ 

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