Harnessing The Power Of “Swing”

Eric Rosow
Founder and CEO
1hr 19min
September 7, 2023
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Success in rowing requires grit, determination, work ethic, and discipline. The key to winning is not just the will to win, but also the will to prepare to win.

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Eric Rosow is the CEO and Co-founder of Diameter Health. He was previously the Founder and CEO of Premise Corporation and has extensive experience in healthcare technology and entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, Diameter Health’s innovative technology has been adopted by major health systems across the country, and was acquired by Availity in 2022.

In this episode, Rosow shares insights and entrepreneurial stories from across the healthcare landscape. He discusses his journey as a founder, starting with his early days at Hartford Hospital where he identified a need for better data management in healthcare. This led to the creation of Premise Corporation, which developed a bed management dashboard and gained clients including prestigious hospitals and health systems.

Eric delves into the challenges he faced in transitioning from a consulting firm to a product company and how they found their competitive advantage in data improvement processes. He emphasizes the importance of understanding customer needs and market demand, utilizing the Pragmatic marketing framework.

Throughout the episode, Eric discusses the significance of establishing a strong team and maintaining transparent communication. He also highlights the value of mentorship, recounting his partnerships and the impact they had on his journey as a young founder and CEO.

Through the power of metaphor (and real-life experience) Eric explains his passion for rowing and the transformative power it can have on inner-city youth, drawing parallels between the dedication required in rowing and entrepreneurship. He also reveals his interest in bees, discussing their healing benefits and his recent endeavors into being a beekeeper.

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Key Moments

Harnessing The Power Of "Swing"

As dawn's first light painted the horizon, a crew shell glided gracefully on the river. Each member, focused and determined, rowed with all their might. Yet, despite their individual efforts, the boat didn’t move with the efficiency they desired. They were out of sync; the rhythm of their strokes not harmonizing, their individual efforts striking ripples of discord on the water's surface.

At the helm was their leader, the Coxswain. Unlike many leaders who might shout or grow frustrated, this Coxswain quickly assessed the situation and communicated familiar instructions to her team. "Row together, breathe together," she called out, her voice clear and encouraging. "Find your swing."

The word 'swing' echoed in the rowers' minds. Eric Rosow, a prolific rower turned entrepreneur, described this unique concept in the world of rowing: 

With each stroke, the team began to translate their Coxswain's words into synchronous action. The boat started to glide more effortlessly, every oar entering and exiting the water in perfect harmony. The rowers felt it – the sublime sensation of being in 'swing' with their teammates. As Rosow aptly put it, achieving that swing in a boat is "almost spiritual."

This phenomenon is not limited to the realm of rowing. It serves as a powerful metaphor for the way we manage and communicate as leaders. Much like a crew boat, a team can have all the necessary skills, strength, ambition, and dedication to the task- But without the right leadership, without the right form of instructive communication, they may find themselves rowing hard without reaching their maximum potential.

A shared destination

In any form of organization, achieving 'swing' requires everyone to be on the same page, moving in harmony towards a common goal. Their individual roles may be different, but their actions concurrently contribute to a common mission and vision. The role of the leader, the Coxswain in our metaphor, is crucial in facilitating this. They must quickly utilize the available data to make a strategic decision, ensure open channels of communication, provide clear direction to their team, and display inspirational confidence in their actions. As Rosow emphasized, brute force or raw power is never the solution to achieving “swing” - Precision, harmony, and synchronicity are what lead to that rare and subtle state. 

In the vast expanse of the business world, companies and teams often find themselves rowing hard, sometimes against the current, sometimes swept up in white rapids. It is the teams that achieve the moments of 'swing', those perfect periods of alignment and synergy, that propel them forward with unmatched speed and efficiency. The leader's role, akin to the Coxswain, is to guide, communicate, and ensure that every team member is aligned with the collective vision. Instead of a megaphone, they use tools of communication like weekly scrums, slack channels, email updates, and fireside chats - whatever tool works best to maintain a continuous stream of information that empowers and unifies their team around a common mission and vision. 

Whether on a serene river at dawn or in the hustle and bustle of a corporate office, the power of 'swing' cannot be underestimated. It's a testament to the importance of transparent communication, leadership, and teamwork. As Rosow articulated, when teams, be it in sports or business, achieve that state of perfect harmony and synchronicity, the experience is nothing short of spiritual.

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